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Please send the request for copies on the e-mail of the archives where the photos are kept. The request must contain the reference code(s) of the photo(s), customer's name and e-mail address, usage purpose, payer's name, the parameters of files (resolution, color scheme etc). You can find the contacts of the archives here.

General data
Unit EAA
Fonds Title

Korporatsioon "Livonia"

(vt AIS andmeid)
Fonds ID 1844
Archival list 1
Document ID


(vt AIS andmeid)
Page 6p
Photo ID 52
Alternative ID
Type üksikfoto
Part of album     Korporatsiooni "Livonia" liikmete fotoalbum (1156/1161-1316)
(Contains 341 photos. Open list)
Administrative data
Type of access restriction -
Usage rights -
Content data
  Photo's Data
Data from the original - data from the reverse side, original writing or original documents accompanying the photo.
Photo description created by the archives while organising or systematising.
Content description Siegfried Vegesack - [12]05   Korporatsiooni "Livonia" liige Siegfried von Vegesack, portreefoto
Place of event        
Time of event   1907 - 1912
Author (last name)   Carl Schulz
Studio C. Schulz, Aia tn 3, Tartu  
Persons on photo   Siegfried Reinhold Benedikt Theophil von Vegesack (08/20.03.1888(Loberģi)-26.01.1974(Burg Weissenstein b. Regen), kirjanik, ajakirjanik).
Color must-valge    
Format kaader; 6x9,2    
Carrier/Substrate paber    
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