You can search by the title of the map, the geographic location and/or the year of creation.

The search field Title enables to search for a map by the words found in the original title.You can enter random words and phrases into the field, also place names (including the names of farmsteads). You have to keep in mind that the place names may not occur in contemporary ortography, also, a large part of the maps are in German or in Russian, thus different variants should be experimented in the search field. The German names of manors can be found in VAU, the register of estates on the Estonian territory.

Place. Searches alphabetically by name, irrespective of the type of unit.

Creation date. To find an exactly dated map you should write the date into both fields, e.g. starting from 1690 until 1690. In this case the data of all maps which year of creation has been marked 1690 will be displayed, and also the maps which have an estimated date of creation, e.g. the second half of the 17th century. If you write the date only into the first field, the system will search out all the maps which year of creation is 1690 and later, and in case of the date entered into the second field, the data of all maps dated before 1690 will be presented. You can also leave the fields of date empty, in which case all maps of the selected region described in the register will be searched.