Detailed description

Sindi linna tugiplaan seisukorraga 15. märts 1946
Zoom image 24.64628 58.39712, 24.66551 58.40917
Identity Description
TitleSindi linna tugiplaan seisukorraga 15. märts 1946
Map typeSingle sheet map
Reference codeERA.T-6.5.107 sheet 1
Topografo-geodeetilise plaani valmistanud insener-geodeet Aadu Kumari
Firstname Lastname Occupation of cartographer Creators position
Endel Arman diplomeeritud insener cartographer
Cartographical and Publishing Description
Main subjectHelptown/borough
Material designatonHelpplan
Manuscript/PrintedHelpmanuscript original
Certified by14.08.1946
Components and Mathematical Description
Componentsexplication, legend for symbols, compass, graphical scale
AzimuthNot set
Textual scaleHelp1 sentimeetris 50 meetrit
Relative scaleHelp5000
Geographical Description
Admin unit Specification
Estonia (1917-1950) / Sindi City/Town (1938-1950)
Physical Description
Storage formstreched
Material and mountingpaper
Dimensions (cm)100x103/2A0
Access-restrictionsNo access restriction
Maps referred to by this map
Reference code Relation
ERA.T-6.5.107 sheet 2
ERA.T-6.5.107 sheet 3
ERA.T-6.5.107 sheet 4

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