Buildings and Properties

This form allows to submit a query to the National Archives regarding property rights of buildings and owning a property. But as well about owning shares of industrial enterprises, ships and securities until 1940.

NB! Query must contain detailed data about the object (recent number of property, location, owner).

Old plans (until 1940) can be found about city buildings, but less about farm buildings. More information can be found in virtual reading room VAU under the section Real estates and buildings.

Archival notice for attestation of rights and transactions must be paid for by the request bearer in accordance with the Law on State Fee (§ 346), the state fee in this case is 15 euros. A state fee payment notice will be sent to you after review of your enquiry. You will receive an answer within 30 days after receipt of payment.

NB! Please make certain that the necessary software has been installed to your computer which enables to open digitally signed documents.

The fee of the query done for personal research reasons is 15 euros. The archives cannot undertake any comprehensive research.

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