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TLA.230.1-II.301Zutphen20.12.1479Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.1Stalbiter, Brand, reveler Ratsherr1369Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.2Rosingh, Hinricus05.05.1371Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.3Kuesvelt, Gerhardus12.05.1376Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.4Duderstat, Johannes, revaler Ratsherr04.05.1378Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.6Witte, Gerd25.03.1395Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.7Lyndenbeke, Hans 21.03.1414Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.8Vredenbeke, Hemme10.10.1418Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.9Schede, Wilm vamer10.05.1447Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.10Busch, Mertin19.04.1449Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.11Nieboeger, Laurens10.04.1455Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.12Vresse, Jakob29.04.1455Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.13Helpyn, Dethart16.04.1465Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.14Tornow, Peter11.03.1472Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.15Laurensszon, Oleff21.03.1476Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.16Lefferdes, Martinus, Domherr der Kirche Reval07.08.1476Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.17Schale, Gerd31.03.1477Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.18Hesstede, Hans22.04.1477Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.19Schutte (Schütte), Godike09.12.1477Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.20Müess, Clawes30.03.1478Open item in AIS