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TLA.230.1-IIIB.42Molre, Hans, Oleffes Sohn29.09.1491Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.43Kloth, Hennynck06.11.1491Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.44Steen, Detmar09.08.1491Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.45Leveken, Hans1493Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.46Balm, Hinrick22.04.1494Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.47Hertzberg, Albert1494Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.48Swarte, Hinrick27.09.1495Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.49Merenschede, Diderick29.09.1495Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.50Trechouw, Bernt11.04.1497Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.51Strobuck, Gerd12.06.1497Open item in AIS
TLA.230.1-IIIB.52Nagel, Bartholomäus25.03.1498Open item in AIS