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Archival processing of databases

The National Archives conducted archival processing on the database of the closed national buildings registry in the years 2002-2004. During the project rules for archival processing of databases and metadata were compiled and the appraisal of the database was conducted. The archival processing was completed in 2004, its main executor Kuldar Aas defended his master thesis “The preparation of digital databases for long-term preservation” based on the research. In 2011, the National Archives received two databases from the Ministry of Finance.

The National Archives has compiled an internal guide for the archival processing of databases, but an official guide has not been drawn up due to low demand for the archival processing of databases. The National Archives implements an individual approach in the archival processing of databases.

If your institution is to terminate the functioning of an important database in the imminent or distant future, we recommend you to consult Digital Archives.

Since 2008, the National Archives is one of the four institutions that acts in the registration of the datasets of national databases in the Administration system of the state information system (RIHA) that approves the datasets and monitors these for any data of archival value.

Kuldar Aas
Debuty of Digital Archives
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