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Digital records with a long-term retention period

Digital records with non-archival value and with a retention period of more than 10 years may be delivered from the state institutions to the National Archives. Costs concerning a delivery of these documents and their preservation in the archives will be covered by the institution. The rates of fees are as follows:

  • delivery of digital records to the National Archives and preservation of records during the first year (as well destruction of records after a retention period) costs 940 EUR for one delivery;
  • preservation of records of one institution (as well destruction of records after a retention period) from the beginning of the second year costs 470 EUR per year.

The National Archives enables access to the transferred records for authorized persons of the relevant institution. The access will be given via archives’s web access system by a personal username – according to the Public Information Act the institution remains an owner of information of these kind of digital records.

Requirements of delivery for records with non-archival value and with a retention period of more than 10 years mostly coincide the requirements described  in the guidelines of the National Archives.

Digital records and description data in XML format are transferred from the electronic records management system using a special and free of charge software created by the National Archives – Universal archiving module

While preparing records for preservation in the National Archives one should notice that the extraction of records from electronic records management system must take place according to a classification scheme validated in the institution, together with metadata of series and items.

The National Archives ensures required preservation and usability of records during the retention period as well as destruction of records after the end of retention period so that reproduction of information in the records is not possible.