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Less common data media

If you have data media in less common format and you do not (anymore) have a working device to use them, but you wish to retrieve the data, turn to our Digital Archives. We ask you to take into account the fact that the retrieval of the data takes some time. As the employees of the Digital Archives are interested in acquiring experience in handling particular data media, we will be grateful to you if you can leave the data media with the National Archives for testing after the retrieval of data.

The National Archives helps with retrieving data from the following media:

Zip discs:

  • Iomega Zip 100 MB
  • Iomega Zip 250 MB
  • Iomega Zip 750 MB
  • Iomega ZipCD 650

Magneto-optical discs (MO):

  • MO 128 MB
  • MO 230 MB
  • MO 540 MB
  • MO 640 MB

Magnetic discs:

  • 3,5″ floppy disc (1,44 MB floppy)
  • 5,25″ floppy disc

NB! As we are dealing with old media, the National Archives does not guarantee the retrieval of data from each particular medium and is not liable for damages to the media which become evident in the process of handling a medium.

Feel free to enquire information about other types of media, in collaboration we will find a solution!

Tarvo Kärberg
+372 738 7585