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Fond TitleInez ja George F. Robinson (AIS)
Reference CodeERA.5912.1.30.135 (AIS)
TypePhoto(single photo)
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Content data
Content text: Original The American Red Cross which began its work in Estonia in ? closed in Dorpat June 1922. Their last work was the establishment of health center for children.
Content text: Edited Ameerika Punane Rist Eestis abivajajaid abistamas. Grupipilt liikmetest
Period 1920-1922(Supposed)
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Admin Unit Place Specifics
Administrative Units / Estonia (1917-1950)
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Technical data
Version: originaal; Sub-version: positiiv; Color: must-valge; Carrier: paber; Frame: 6,3x8,5; Paper: 6,3x8,5;