Thematic Maps

Administrative map – map of administrative division.

Demographic map – map depicting the location, density, etc. of population.

Geologic, botanical map – physical geographic map emphasising the botanical (vegetation) or geologic (base rock, soil) features of an area.

Hydrographic map – map created for navigation on a body of water, showing navigation specific features (shipping lanes, navigation marks, depths).

Hypsographic map – elevation map showing relief of the ground with horizontal lines, streaks or overhadowing.

Town/borough map – map of an entire town or borough, or also a map of a town lot.

Amelioration map – map used at soil improvement.

Forestry map – map of forest land management, often showing also the kinds of trees, including the maps distinguishing only the kinds of trees, not showing ownership of the land.

Military map – map connected with military objects (barracks, fortifications), manoeuvres, operations (military logistics, battle plans) or also military duties.

Boundary map – map created at determination or regulation of boundaries, fixating the exact course of a boundary segment (landmarks etc.). 

Farmstead map – map showing the landed property and land use of a farmstead.

Transport map – map showing transport conditions, such as a road map, road atlas, railway map, and the like.

Other – map, on which the features (e.g. power lines, sewerage, telegraph, distribution map of different phenomena) not fitting the above-named categories are emphasised.