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This form can be used to place an order or inquiry with the National Archives' film archive.

Please write the purpose of use for the photos/films in the provided field, and if possible, include the reference codes or numbers of the archival materials. The price for a photo may include an additional license fee, which depends on the intended use.

The price of a film copy is based on the available format of the usage copy. An archive consultant will specify the price after the order is submitted.

Note: If you wish to order multiple photos at once, you may attach a list of the photos as an annex.

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You have selected delivery method as e-mail delivery of digitally signed notice.

Digitally signed notice is a file or files in a special digital signature format.

Instructions for opening the Estonian digitally signed documents

For opening digitally signed .asice-files or.bdoc-files you need have the Estonian ID-software DigiDoc4 installed in your computer.

DigiDoc4 Client can be used to check the validity of digital signatures and open and save documents inside the signature container. Digitally signed containers in Estonia are files with .asice or .bdoc extensions.

DigDoc4 Client works with or without the Estonian ID-card reader. Simply for opening digitally signed files you do not need the ID-card reader.

Instructions for installing and using the most recent version of the ID-software are here:

Information for EU customers about Estonian digitally signed documents

Since July 2016 all public institutions in European Union must accept digital signatures from other EU countries according to the EU eIDAS regulation. If you live in a EU country, most probably your public institutions accept the Estonian digitally signed documents (.asice-files or .bdoc-files) and you can forward the digitally signed document to the necessary institution by E-mail.

According to Estonian and European Union’s (eIDAS) legislation, Estonian digital signature carries equal weight with a handwritten signature. Digital signature is a universal technology that all organisations in Estonia are able to use, accept, and forward.

In Estonia, two main acts regulate ID-card related areas. Identity Documents Act describes the functions of the ID-card as Estonia’s primary national identity document and establishes an identity document requirement for the residents of Estonia. Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions Act describes the trust services necessary for e-identification and e-transactions.

Information for non-EU customers about Estonian digitally signed documents

If you live outside of European Union and need to use the document in your home country, please check first if public institutions in your country accept the Estonian digitally signed documents (.asice-files or .bdoc-files). If Estonian digital signature is not accepted as a valid signature in your country, please apply for an ordinary hand-signed document on paper from us (set delivery method to "Postal Delivery" in form).

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