Terms of Use

General Terms

The National Archives provides services of the virtual reading room VAU (the "Portal") pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Estonia and in accordance with the development plan and service standard of the National Archives and other interarchival legal instruments regarding customer service.

All services provided by the Portal are free of charge, except in cases where the fee has been enacted with legislation or imposed on separately with the directive of the State Archivist.

Using the Portal is permitted only in case of acceptance of all Terms of Use.

The user is required to follow all applicable laws and best practice when using the Portal.

The National Archives has the right to restrict user's access to the Portal if the user violates these Terms of Use.


The concepts occurring in this document are used in the following meaning:
Portal - the web environment www.ra.ee/vau/;
User - a natural person who visits the Portal;
User account - the registration and logon as a user which ensures the use of all services and functions of the Portal;
Administrator - a person in charge of Portal administration;
Terms of Use - the agreement concluded with the present document between the administrator and the user for using the Portal.

User's Rights and Obligations

The user has the right to:
1) create only one user account for himself/herself in the Portal;
2) use all services offered in the Portal;
3) make suggestions to the administrator for improvement and development of the Portal.

The administrator is thankful for all improvement suggestions and takes them into consideration if possible.

The user is obliged to:
1) provide true personal data and valid contact details of himself/herself when creating and using the user account;
2) not to publish any advertisements, hostility-provoking or political announcements;
3) refrain from disparagement and discrimination against other users in every way;
4) not to disturb the privacy of other users and their possibilities of using the Portal comfortably;
5) refer to the archive at publication of archival materials;
6) follow the terms of Copyright Law in case of publication of archival materials protected by copyright.

The user acknowledges that he/she is aware of a person's right to inviolability of family and private life and takes responsibility for using the delicate and private personal data which he/she has accidentally learned from the archival sources available in the Portal, according to the valid legislation.

Administrator's Rights and Obligations

The administrator has the right to:
1) change and improve the functionality, structure and other elements of the Portal;
2) send messages to the users;
3) delete assessments, commentaries, pieces and other similar data if the user has violated the obligations enacted in the Terms of Use when entering the data or if it is contrary to the laws valid in the Republic of Estonia;
4) close user accounts without notice if the user has created several accounts for himself/herself or chosen an inappropriate user name for creating the user accountor if the person who uses the account violates the Terms of Use;
5) block the user who violates the Terms of Use from visiting the Portal;
6) change and complete the Terms of Use unilaterally and inform about the changesand complements through corresponding notifications in the Portal.

The administrator is not required to justify the measures implemented towards the user in case the user has violated the Terms of Use.

Personal Data Protection

By creating a user account the user gives his/her consent to the processingof his/her personal data if it is necessary for the effective operation of the Portal and value-added user services.

The user can sign into his/her account to see or delete any personally identifiable information, such as name, address, email or phone number. The user can also contact administrator by email (admin.vau@ra.ee) to request to delete his/her account.

The administrator is required to remove personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, email or phone number) and other preferences associated with user's account promptly after the user requests by email (admin.vau@ra.ee) to delete his/her account.

The administrator ensures the confidentiality of the personal data entered into the Portal and will not communicate users' personal data to third parties, unless the corresponding obligation derives from the valid legislation of theRepublic of Estonia or if it is required for fulfillment of the Terms of Use.

The user can read the administrator's privacy policy to learn more about personal data protection.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Copyrights of the links, databases, commentaries, etc. entered by the user into the Portal belong to their authors.

Rights of the databases and applications of the National Archives of Estonia available for use in the Portal belong to the National Archives of Estonia.

It is mandatory to refer to the archive at publication of archival materials.