Detailed description

Identity Description
TitleEestimaa 1 verstaline kaart. Лифляндская губерния. 14-39 Юрьевский уезд
Map typeSingle sheet map
Reference codeERA.T-6.3.172 sheet 319
Cartographical and Publishing Description
Main subjectHelpadministrative
Material designatonHelpmap
Published byRiigi trükikoda
Components and Mathematical Description
Componentsgrid lines, graphical scale
AzimuthNot set
Relative scaleHelp42000
Geographical Description
Admin unit Specification
Estonia (to 1917) / Livonia Guberniya / Tartu County Tartu
Physical Description
Storage formfolder
Material and mountingTracing paper
Dimensions (cm)32x32/A2
Access-restrictionsNo access restriction
Maps referred to by this map
Reference code Relation
ERA.T-6.3.876 sheet 1

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