Register of the maps in the National Archives of Estonia

The register of maps contains the descriptions and digital images of the maps that are stored mostly in the two largest archives of Estonia — the Estonian Historical Archives and the State Archives.

The register of maps in the Historical Archives is our country`s largest and most valuable collection of historical maps — the total number of documents  has been estimated at 80000—100 000. The register of maps is very diverse. Border and land use plans form the largest group among general geographical, topographic, hydrographic,  soil amelioration, road communications and other specific maps.

The oldest maps in the State Archives originate from not before the second half of the 19th century. There can be found topographic, hydrographic, administrative division, road communications and other such maps and plans. There are also many land and forest use and ownership related plans. These border maps form a major part of the cartographic materials. In addition, military plans can be found: battle operations and sketch maps of troop positions,  land allotted to the army.

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Register of maps contains

  • 136645 described maps;
  • 44286 digitized maps.

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