Detailed description

Identity Description
Map typeSubsheet
Reference codeEAA.2486.1.3360 sheet 8 folio 8
Belongs to main sheet
EAA.2486.1.3360 sheet 1 folio 1
Cartographical and Publishing Description
Main subjectHelpNot set
Material designatonHelpplan
Manuscript/PrintedHelpmanuscript original
Created1887 (Estimated)
Components and Mathematical Description
ComponentsNot set
AzimuthNot set
Relative scaleHelpNot set
Geographical Description
Admin unit Specification
Estonia (to 1917) / Estonia Guberniya / Viru County / Jõhvi Parish / Sompa Manor
Physical Description
Storage formin binding
Material and mountingtracing cloth
Dimensions (cm)37x48/A2
Access-restrictionsNo access restriction

The maximum allowed resolution for downloading the maps on your own is 4000 x 4000 px (this is good enough to print on large canvas).

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