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ICA suspended its relations with Russian and Belarusian archives

On March 10, 2022, the International Council on Archives (ICA), through a majority vote among the members of its Executive Board, has decided to suspend its relations with the four Russian and Belarusian public archival institutions that are members of the ICA.

Suspension of relations means that all formal contacts between these institutions and their employees
with the ICA, its entities and authorities as well as all participation in ICA’s activities and events shall be halted until such time as a ceasefire has been negotiated to the satisfaction of the legitimate government of Ukraine and ensuring the safety and sovereignty of the individuals and institutions that protect the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

The ICA strongly appeals to the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the
Republic of Belarus to stop this armed aggression, urging them to respect and protect the professional
communities and institutions involved in information, records and archives management, who are the
guardians of the memory of Ukraine, but also of the records and archives testifying to the identity,
rights, and responsibilities of its people and its legitimately and democratically elected government.

ICA’s resolution in full text is available on the website of ICA.