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Copy of film and audio


Preparing a reel of 35mm film for loaning20,00 per item
Preparing a reel of 16mm or 8mm film for digitization15,00 per item

Copy of film

Access copy15,00 per film
High-resolution copy (Full HD) of film and video files0,30 per second
Digitizing 35mm film (incl. preparations)1,00 per second
Digitizing 16mm film0,35 per second
Digitizing 8mm film0,05 per second
Processing of film and video files40,00 per studio hour
Loaning a film programme from Archives collection (prepared on the basis of an archive user’s list), up to 1 hour60,00
Digitizing clients videocassette
10,00 per hour

Sound recordings

Recording from audio tape or disc
0,02 per second
Processing of audio files
15,00 per studio hour

Master elements of film

Delivery of digital preservation masters100,00 per film