Reading Rooms

  1. Introduction
  2. National Archives in Tartu
  3. National Archives in Tallinn
  4. National Archives in Rakvere
  5. National Archives in Valga
  6. Film Archives

We recommend that you first acquaint yourself with the Archival Information System AIS to search for records. You can find there reference codes which consist of the name of the abbreviation and the collection (fonds), inventory and item numbers (e.g. EAA.1.2.3). All our records have already been described there. You can search by a person's name, a place name etc. (the titles are usually in the same language as the records, i.e. in German, Russian, Estonian etc.), you can also use * instead of some letters which may vary. Then you will see titles of the records which contain these keywords and when you click on a title, you can see which fonds does this document belong to (i.e. by which institution it was once created) and where is it being preserved now. You can also see whether it has already been digitised  if there is a blue link "Vaata dokumenti" (= View the document), this is a link to the image in the Saaga portal. You can also make a reading room loan order or a copy order directly via the link "Telli" (= Order) which can be seen in the AIS entries (e.g. see EAA.854.1.34). The records can be ordered to the respective reading rooms in Tartu, Tallinn, Valga or Rakvere. Please notice the location of the reading room!

Placing an order via VAU. First, please click on the tab "Orders" > type in the first reference code > choose "Order type": Loan > choose the "Purpose" > and then click on the button "Add", after that you can continue entering your other orders and lastly you should confirm them (you can do it all at once if you tick the small box in front of the "No.")  then the orders will reach the reading room staff. You can see the state of your orders there as well (tab "Orders" > subtab "Sent"). 

Please read more about ordering copies here.

National Archives in Tartu

Address: Nooruse 3, Tartu (location)

  • Phone: + 372 738 7521
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: + 372 738 7510

Opening hours:

  • MondayFriday 9—19 
  • Saturday 10—15
  • On days before public holidays open 9—13
  • From June 25th until September 1st, MondayFriday 917

Reading room and copy orders can be placed via VAU (> the tab "Orders", please see more). It is allowed to take pictures of documents in the reading room free of charge. 
National Archives in Tallinn

Madara 24, 15019 Tallinn

  • Phone: +372 693 8668
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +372 661 6230

Opening hours:

  • Monday—Friday 9—19 
  • Saturdays 10—15 
  • on days before public holidays 9—15
  • closed every last Friday of a month

NB! The wireless internet is available. Password for the WiFi network can be obtained from the reading room staff.
National Archives in Rakvere

Address: Näituse 23, 44314 Rakvere

  • Phone: +372 323 2160
  • E-mail:

Opening hours:

  • Monday—Thursday 9—12 and 13—16
  • Fridays 9—12 and 13—15
  • on days before public holidays 9—12

National Archives in Valga

Address: Vabaduse 6, 68204 Valga

  • Phone: +372 766 8870
  • E-mail:

Opening hours:

  • Monday—Friday 9—12 and 14—16
  • on days before public holidays 9—12

Film Archives

Address: Ristiku 84, 10318 Tallinn

  • Phone: Anna Irene Michelson, consultant, +372 693 8613
  • E-mail:,

Opening hours:

  • Monday—Thursday 9—17
  • Fridays 9—16
Please contact before your visit +372 693 8613 or!