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Universal archiving module

The universal archiving module (UAM) is a software created by the National Archives for the preparation and transfer of digital documents extracted from electronic records managements systems. Use of UAM requires the ability of an institution’s ERMS to export documents and their metadata in XML format.

UAM is in accordance with the National Archives’ guideline Archives management requirements for digital records (in Estonian).

UAM enables to automate several routine and resource-demanding activities:

  1. to compile manually the archives descriptive hierarchy and to use it repeatedly;
  2. to import data separated from electronic records management system for archival processing;
  3. to use imported data for constructing a description hierarchy manually and automatically;
  4. to process description levels and hierarchy;
  5. to automate collecting of metadata (e.g. metadata of files);
  6. to check automatically the existence of compulsory metadata;
  7. to compile automatically various reports (e.g. inventory, check of the existing files);
  8. to validate the regularity of archives scheme;
  9. to check file formats;
  10. to create document containers in accordance with the National Archives requirements;
  11. to forward created document containers to other institutions (e.g. the National Archives);
  12. to save created document containers on data media chosen by the user.

Technical parametres of UAM:

  • a client of Windows;
  • uses .NET framework;
  • uses programming languages C# and LINQ;
  • requires SQL (Express) server;
  • uses JHove component.

Use of UAM in institutions

UAM has been attached to EDHS GoPro Case in Tartu City Government and in the Government Office. Relevant procedures are going on in several ministries.

The National Archives recommends institutions to demand from the providers of ERMS connection of the system with UAM in order to be ready to transfer digital documents to the National Archives should the need arise (get acquainted with the transfer regulations here: archival processing of digital documents (in Estonian). It is most recommended to insert the requirement of the connection with UAM to the technical requirements of upcoming procurements of new ERMS-s.

By downloading the universal archiving module, you agree to the following terms and conditions: software and its parts cannot be decompiled, changed and integrated into other systems without a written permit from the National Archives.

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