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The National Archives of Estonia 100


Speech by Mrs. Mailis Reps, Minister of Education and Research

Speech by Mr. Priit Pirsko, National Archivist

  • 1920 – The first meeting of the Archives Committee, the national archives’ administration was born
  • 1921 – Two central archives were founded: The Historical Archive in Tartu as the holding place for historically significant institutions’ records, and The State Archive in Tallinn as the keeper of records of active institutions
  • 1935 – Estonia’s first Archives Act
  • 1939 – Estonian Association of Archivists was founded
  • 1940–1988 – Interruption of the former archival administration, Sovietization of the archives and closure of the archival content
  • 1988–1998 – De-Sovietization of the archives, transition to a modern archival administration and disclosure of the archival content
  • 1998 – Estonia’s second Archives Act
  • 1999 – The National Archives of Estonia was established on the basis of the former central archives
  • 2011 – Estonia’s third Archives Act
  • 2017 – The National Archives’ main building Noora was opened in Tartu

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